plural noun: testimonials
1.     a formal statement testifying to someone’s or something’s character and qualifications.
synonyms:  recommedation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement,
“a glowing testimonial”

Ms. California Nationwide 2019 ~ Mary Harrison
Miss Oklahoma Nationwide 2015

 The Nationwide Pageantry system pulled me in with their beautiful crowns as Miss Oklahoma Nationwide 2015; but, brought me back as Ms. California Nationwide 2019 because of the amazing and supportive people I met at the pageant.

 This isn’t a one weekend and you walk away system. This is a system that cheers you on from the moment you decide to compete and the years that follow as you grow in all aspects of your life. From the director – Troy, to all the titleholders and those that volunteer their time in so many ways to the Nationwide Pageantry system – you are never alone and you are never left behind.

 You are far more than an entry fee here. It is truly a pageant system that empowers it’s titleholders to do anything we dream – the crowns are the cherry on top.



Miss Nationwide 2015 ~ Katie Kenny (Cole)
Miss Iowa Nationwide 2015

  When I decided to compete for Miss Iowa Nationwide, I had no idea what was in store for me. After winning the Iowa title, I knew right away that I was part of a family. The current national director was the state director at that time and he did everything to make sure I was prepared for nationals with the amazing prize package awarded. With the preparation I received, I was blessed to be named Miss Nationwide 2015.

  Throughout my year, Troy Fienhold-Haasis and I became closer and I was so excited that he took on the role of National Director. I love Miss Nationwide for the fact that it allows you to bring awareness to your platform, whichever that may be. It allows you to be part of a family. I’ve never had another director become so ingrained in my life and for that I am forever thankful!  I can assure you that you will feel loved and appreciated for all you do. I love the Nationwide Pageantry System!!

Miss Nationwide 2014 ~ Lisa Opie

  I chose to compete in the Miss Nationwide pageant because it offered a unique approach to pageantry. The Miss Nationwide organization helped me by giving me a platform to voice my passion for women empowerment and anti bullying.

   I found my experience as a titleholder to be extremely rewarding, and I was able to connect with so many leaders in the pageant industry through Miss Nationwide. I strongly recommend the Nationwide Pageantry System for all women who are passionate about serving their community!



Miss Nationwide 2013 ~ Bhagya Mann

  The vast experiences and memories created throughout my time in the realm of beauty pageants has made this rather difficult to sum up! But here we go… 

  In 2012, I competed for Miss Nationwide for the first time; having not won the title of Miss Nationwide first time around, I was honored to have won Miss Photogenic. To say that I am simply a fan of beauty pageants would be a gross understatement! Indeed I am a true advocate of and firm believer that beauty pageants give woman the opportunity to express themselves and give us the chance to meet and experience new and wonderful things.

  My time spent as Miss Nationwide 2013 was unequivocally the most exhilarating and rewarding time of my life. The opportunities I found myself being exposed to were remarkable, travelling around the nation and meeting amazing people! It allowed me to really be a part of something much bigger, and allowed me to build some everlasting friendships (Pageant sisters we call ourselves!).

  It is without a shadow of doubt that I would recommend anyone to go, grasp the opportunities and amazing experiences that Nationwide Pageantry provides.

Ms. Neveda 2021 ~ Valerie Reyes

  While trying to search for beauty pageants here in the United States, I’ve always thought it was a smart move for me to choose the Nationwide Pageantry system. During my first competition (a virtual pageant), I only had to pay a smaller fee and the National Director at the time, Troy Escamilla was very accommodating – which was really amazing. When I first competed in 2016, I didn’t really expect to get anything because I was just curiously entering the world of pageantry.

  I’ve competed for the Miss division in 2016 and I really think that their social competition was just a very creative online concept.  In 2021, I decided to compete again for the Ms. Division and decided to go back to my Nationwide family, my first pageantry organization. While holding the title Ms. Nevada Nationwide 2021, I found it was just so fulfilling and I’ve learned lots of lessons from it. You can definitely feel the acknowledgement right away and the new National Director, Troy Fienhold-Haasis was always just one message away. He also made us realize that the virtual competition (because of COVID) could actually be fun, although it was also a first.

  Without the present group of pageant volunteers, the virtual competition for last year’s 2021 pageant wouldn’t have been a great success!   And I was named as 1st-runner up to Ms. Nationwide 2021! I really appreciate how the pageant organization has helped shape us as individuals and has been a great big help in empowering us to be assets in our communities and state we are representing.   I’m forever thankful to the Nationwide Pageantry system!





Miss Nationwide 2018 ~ Stephanie Sawyer
Miss California Nationwide 2015

  I loved my experience with the Nationwide Pageantry System. I decided to do pageants in order to get more involved in community service. I loved the platform aspect of pageants. Being Miss California Nationwide 2015, I was able to bring awareness to my platform – Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.). I was given the opportunity to really display my passion for B.A.C.A. by incorporating it into every aspect of competition at the national level in a way that I felt I would not have been able to with any other pageant system.

  I am so incredibly grateful for my experience as Miss California Nationwide 2015 and honored to have received the title of Miss Congeniality 2015 during the National Pageant. Our directors were amazing and I’m truly blessed to have met the amazing women I competed with! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Miss Alabama Nationwide 2015 ~ Abby Goodwin

  I was Miss Alabama Nationwide 2015, and 4th runner-up to Miss Nationwide 2015. Nationwide is more than a pageant system. I made friends during my year of service that have turned into more than family and I grew as an individual so much.

  Everyone associated with this system will go above and beyond to help in any way possible and are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. The Nationwide sisterhood is a group of young women that I am proud to say that I am a part of!