Positive Pageantry



Who we are

The Positive Pageantry Movement is a program of Crossroads, a 501c3 youth organization. The initiative is led and managed by the USA National Miss Scholarship Organization LLC, but it is for ALL pageant systems, contestants, directors, sponsors and industry professionals to show their solidarity in ensuring the pageant world is a kind and respectful place for all young women to thrive, grow and discover their full potential. Scholarship winners are selected by an advisory board.


What’s the Goal

We believe that the time has come to end the negative stereotypes plaguing the industry. We believe that the time has come to end the divisions that exist along system lines. We believe the time has come to bring awareness to the positive benefits of being involved in pageantry. This movement is for everyone in pageantry. We aim to bring unity to the pageant community, bridge the divide between pageant systems, create a stronger sisterhood across pageant lines, support all titleholders, award scholarships, and form a more kind and respectful environment within the industry. We aim to award titleholders for being a positive example by providing scholarships. We are excited to continue promoting good will toward all our pageant sisters and encourage everyone to join the movement!

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Nationwide Pageantry is a proud supporter of the Positive Pageantry movement!
Our National Director is honored to be a Official Board Member for Positive Pageantry!



The Positive Pageantry Pledge

I pledge to engage in a positive and respectful way with everyone I interact with.

I believe in unity in the pageant community, and reject the notion of divisions among system lines. I believe
that the pageant community as a whole is one united sisterhood with one dream: building up women and
empowering them to fulfill their goals.

I will not bully, harass, demean, belittle, or degrade anyone for any reason. I will stand up for those who are
being bullied and belittled. I will be the difference.

I believe that conflict resolution consists of open communication conducted in private with the parties involved.
I don’t believe in social media rants, or online drama.

I will use my title/position to benefit others, serving and volunteering to make my community a better place.

I will be a role model, paving a better future for tomorrow’s leaders, by being a leader today and every day.

I will work to bring about unity in the pageant community, by being inclusive, being kind, and supporting the
accomplishments of all young women despite what crown they wear.


We, the undersigned, involved with various Pageant systems across the globe, believe in Positive Pageantry.
We have taken the pledge and stand strong with the Positive Pageantry Movement!

Troy Fienhold-Haasis, National Director~Nationwide Pageantry
Shannon McLachlan, Miss Nationwide 2021
Ava Collar, Miss Nationwide 2019-2020
Stephanie Sawyer, Miss Nationwide 2018
Katie Kenny, Miss Nationwide 2015
Bhagya Mann, Miss Nationwide 2013
Holly Oden, Mrs. Heartland Nationwide 2021
Danielle Schwartz, Mrs. Nationwide 2019-2020
Angela Speers, Mrs. Nationwide 2018 / Miss Nationwide 2012
Lydia Wells, Ms. Iowa Nationwide 2021
Angela Harwell, Ms. Nationwide 2019-2020

  Troy Escamilla, Founder~Miss Nationwide® Pageant
Courtney Zimmerman, 2019 State Director~Florida Nationwide Pageantry / Miss Florida Nationwide 2016
Rosanne PlanteNationwide Pageantry Legal Counsel / Ms. Worldwide 2018 / Mrs. Midwest Agriculture America 2020
Naomi Corrie, Nationwide Pageantry Volunteer

Anna Burnette, Mrs. Iowa Nationwide 2021
Samantha Sopczak, Mrs. South Carolina Nationwide 2021
Sue McCann, Ms. Nebraska Nationwide 2021
Valerie B Reyes, Ms. Nevada Nationwide 2021
Chloe Zintz, Miss Iowa Nationwide 2019
Jessica Dunn, Mrs. Texas Nationwide 2019
Mary Harrison, Ms. California Nationwide 2019
Samantha Lewis, Ms. South Carolina Nationwide 2019
Jennifer BrandtMiss Iowa Nationwide 2018
Saxony GravesMiss Lo
uisiana Nationwide 2018
Briana ActonMiss Nebraska Nationwide 2018

Maureen Francisco, Executive Producer~Pageants NW & Global Beauty Awards
Matthew Anderson, West Coast Regional Director~Miss US International & North America
Stayc Simpson, Mrs. Perfect Glamour International 2019 & CEO/Founder of PageantryNOW
Ciara J Barnes, Phoenix Pageant & Co-Founder~HeartShine Pageants
Shim Lacy, Mrs. HeartShine USA 2018-19
Judi Horton, Mrs. California HeartShine Princess 2018
D’Allasia Moreno
, Pageant Door Miss California 2018-2019
Charlene Garth
, Miss Fashion Global Louisiana 2018-2019
Meili Ramos, Miss Miami Plus America 2019

Victoria Hughes
, Owner~Mrs. USA Universal® & Mrs. Universal®
Christy Hinnant, Mrs. Universal® 2019/2020
Tracey Smith, Ms. USA Universal® 2014
Michyla Corban, Mrs. New Zealand Universal 2021 (Mrs. Universal®)
Kristin Ayers, Mrs. Ohio Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Abby Scherzer, Mrs. Michigan USA Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Tricia Mazza, Mrs. Wisconsin USA Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)

Monika Philp, Mrs. Nebraska USA Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)

Jacci Humble, Mrs. Pacific Northwest Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Samantha Harrison
, Mrs. Idaho USA Universal 2021 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Wendy Lerian, Mrs. California USA Universal 2020 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Han Fuchs-Aldrich, Mrs. Minnesota USA Universal 2020 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Melissa Born, Mrs. Florida Universal 2020 (Mrs. USA Universal®)
Stormie Anderson Woolsey, Ms. Idaho Universal 2020 (Ms. USA Universal®)
Julie L. Taylor,  Ms. Hawaii USA Universal 2020 (Ms. USA Universal®)
Kaylene Rogers, Ms. Oregon USA Universal 2020 (Ms. USA Universal®)

Trisha Colwell, Ohio State Director (US American Miss Ohio)
Donna Murrell, Founder~Carolina Girls Rock Pageant, LLC
Tiffany Purnell
, Mrs. US Worldwide 2018
Camille Schmidt, Sweetheart Role Model 2020 (Royal International Miss)
Darlene McVay, Miss Benton County 2019-2020 (Arkansas)
Tamia Mykles, Miss Pride of America ‘15
Elizabeth Garcia, Miss Homestead Teen USA 2018
Anna Claire Hay, Miss Arkansas High School
Brandi Jo Middleton, Mrs Tennessee International 2019
Heather Garcia, Founder~Pretty in Pink Pageantry
Hailey Garcia, Pretty in Pink Pageantry
Inda Kalivoda Sheesley, Mrs. Wisconsin 2020 (Pretty in Pink Pageantry)
Vicki Miller, Miss California (Pretty in Pink Pageantry)

Anna Peters, Mrs. Nebraska America 2018
Kandis Schraeder, Mrs. Nebraska America 2013
Kathleen Valentine, Mrs. Nebraska America 1991
Terri KrolikowskiMrs. Nebraska America 1988
Kris Sharp, Mrs. Schuyler 2020  (Mrs. Nebraska America)
Rachel D Fox, Mrs. Benson 2019/2020 (Mrs. Nebraska America)
Dannielle Oestreich, Mrs Heartland 2019 (Mrs. Nebraska America)
Ylani ColeMrs. Cheyenne County 2018 (Mrs. Nebraska America)
Jacqelle LaneMiss Douglas County for America 2020 (Miss Nebraska for America)

Brooke Beeson-HughesMiss Loveland Teen USA 2021 (Miss Colorado Teen USA)
Courtney Enriquez, Miss Sunrise El Paso 2021 (Sunset Pageants)
Sydney Spencer, Nations Capital Teen 2021 (USA National Miss)
Karter Akinseye, Miss Metropolitan Sweetheart 2021 (USA National Miss)
Samantha Sewell, Miss Royalty International 2020/2021 (Miss Royalty International)
Brandi Edens, Mrs. Continents 2019/20 (Miss Continents)
Kendrea McVadon, Mrs Galaxy-VT 2020 – Noble Mrs. Tennessee Nation Nationals 2020 (Miss Univerz-V International Pageant)

Savannah Knowlton, 2020 Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Regnant Queen (WV Association of Fairs and Festivals)
Taylor Nichole Hammons,
River Valley Teen 2020 (USA National Miss)
Jillian Felder, Virginia Preteen 2020 (USA National Miss)
Victoria Felder, Old Dominion Jr. Teen 2020 (USA National Miss)

Hensley Ann Carroll, America’s International Junior Miss 2020
Patrina Chillers, Miss Missouri Collegiate (Miss American Teen And Collegiate Pageant)
Abbi Knepp, Miss Southwestern Indiana Princess (USA National Miss Indiana Pageant)
Stephi Williams
Miss Cosmos
Victoria BruceMiss Reigning America
Imanda Covington
Jr. Miss Reigning America Jr Preteen

Jessica Lynn
, Atlantic States National Show Girl At Large 2018
Tamia Gisele Mykles, Atlantic States National Show Girl 2018
Nova StarrNational Showgirl At Large 2014

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