Ms. Nationwide 2019: Angela Harwell

Ms. Nationwide 2019-2020



Angela Harwell

Platform Issue:  Keep Calm and Volunteer

  • Age: 49
  • Hometown: Lakeland, Florida
  • Children: Caitlyn and Holli
  • Grandchildren: Isabella, Sophia and Olivia.
  • College Major: 
  • Career: Retired Business Owner
  • If I am crowned Ms. Nationwide: I will continue to promote my platform on Volunteerism, only on a larger scale. Volunteerism is a local, state, national, and worldwide need. To be an advocate and a voice that aids in recruiting and assisting of so many in need would be quite an honor and one that I would take with the utmost seriousness.
  • Bio:  Angela Harwell believes that when you reflect back on your life, the moments that will stand out are the moments when you have done things for others. Inspired by making a difference in the lives of others, Angela lives the philosophy of making a difference by contributing through supporting and volunteering with numerous organizations throughout Florida and beyond.
    Volunteerism was instilled in her at a young age, as her parents were and still are active volunteers. Summers as a child were spent hosting children from New York as part of the Fresh Air Program. Angela and her sister Joanna gave up their own beds for a time so that refugees who were being assisted from Vietnam and Ethiopia would rest well as they were relocating to the US. One of her most rewarding volunteer opportunities came in her teens, when she was a candy striper at a local nursing home. She also enjoyed assisting her grandparents with various events at a VA hospital.  As an adult her volunteerism has continued with Ronald McDonald House, Shriners Hospital, Camp Boggy Creek, PARC, Queen for a Day, Alpha House and many others.

    She finds it very difficult to tell anyone “No”. Encouraging others to get involved and the personal rewards of helping to change the lives of those in your community is something Angela is always delighted to share. Her platform of “Keep Calm and Volunteer”, emphasizes the power of people and volunteerism.

    Angela is enjoying semi-retirement as a former business executive, Vice President and owner. Her two grown daughters, Caitlyn and Holli , along with her three grandchildren, Isabella, Sophia and Olivia are the lights of her life. There are of course her fur babies too, Jameson and Irelyn….the cutest Yorkshire Terriers ever!

    Adding to an already busy platform, Angela wants to help spread Liver Cancer Awareness. Her husband lost his battle just shy of one year of his diagnosis. It’s hurtful when people assume that her husband must have been a heavy drinker, he was not. HCC liver cancer deaths are rising worldwide and have many proposed causes, fatty liver being just one contributor. Hopefully along with more awareness and education, others can be spared the pain Angela and her families have endured.

    From raising awareness, acquiring necessary funding, and organizing events, Angela helps to change the lives of many people in the community and encourages you to do so too!

2019 Royal Court

 Ms. Nationwide 2019:  Angela Harwell, Florida
1st Runner Up:  Mary Harrison, California


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