Miss Nationwide 2021: Shannon McLachlan

Miss Nationwide 2021


Shannon McLachlan

Platform Issue:  Paws for Understanding: A Postive Service Dog and Disabilabilty Education Presentation

  • Age: 26
  • Hometown: Moscow, Idaho
  • College Major: Attending Walla Walla Community College, majoring in Agriculture with Emphasis in Equine Biology.
  • Scholastic Ambition: Pursuing a degree in Agriculture with Emphasis in Equine Biology with the hopes of becoming Head Wrangler of Tri- Circle D Ranch at Walt Disney World.
  • If I am crowned Miss Nationwide: I would continue my volunteer efforts to make my community, state, and nation a better place, raising awareness for mental health.
  • Bio: Shannon McLachlan, a native of Springfield, Missouri, enjoys horse back riding and Dagorhir Battle Games (live action role-playing game).  She also enjoys volunteering and working with both Guide Dogs for the Blind, and CCI (Canine Companions for Independence).  She is a volunteer raiser and sitter with Guide Dogs for the Blind and is currently in the process of becoming a volunteer puppy raiser with CCI. She has been a certified Scuba diver since she was fourteen years old and was a part of the Disney Show by scuba diving in the Seas with Nemo tank.  She has also successfully trained her own service dog and uses her service dog to generate conversations on both animal adoption and mental health issues.


2021 Royal Court

Miss Nationwide 2021:  Shannon McLachlan, Idaho

 People’s Choice Winner:  Lydia Wells, Iowa

Over-All Awards
Interview Platform Presentation Award:  Lydia Wells (Ms.), Iowa
Interview Award:  Holly Oden (Mrs.), Heartland
On Stage Platform Statement Award:  Holly Oden (Mrs.), Heartland
On Stage Interview Award:  Shannon McLachlan (Miss), Idaho
Personal Style & Expression Award:  Lydia Wells (Ms.), Iowa
Elegance in Evening Gown Award:  Holly Oden (Mrs.), Heartland


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