Miss Nationwide 2016: Ashley Schifano, West Virginia





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Children’s Literacy is something that is extremely essential for the rest of our lives. Literacy, in general, is something that we use every day. Every day we are reading, writing, and interpreting what everything means. If this is not taught at a young age, it can potentially affect a child for the rest of their life in many different ways. All of the different ways that children are affected by this is what I would like to raise awareness about. For example, children that do not learn to read and write at a young age are more likely to drop out of school and suffer financially. Literacy – something that we all take for granted every day, is also something that could change our way of life more than we know.

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2016 Royal Court

Miss Nationwide 2016:  Ashley Schifano, West Virginia
1st Runner Up:  Samantha Sham, Pennsylvania
2nd Runner Up:  Megan Owen, Rocky Mountains
3rd Runner Up:  Kendall Johnson, Midwest
4th Runner Up:  Shawna Corley, San Antonio

 People’s Choice Winner:  Ashley Schifano, West Virginia


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