Miss Nationwide 2015: Katie Cole, Iowa


Miss Nationwide 2015 is Katie Kenny (Cole) , who represented Iowa in the national competition.  She is a Recruitment and Workforce Development Manager at Iowa Primary Care Association – Urbandale, Iowa.

Her platform is NO-MORE- Together We Can End Domestic Violence

Official Miss Nationwide 2015 Crowning Video


I was born in Fort Dodge, IA and moved away after attending community college here. I made the decision to move back in December to my hometown. Both of my parents were from the area as well. I have 7 step siblings and 4 half siblings, which makes my family very large. I am blessed with the most amazing supportive family there is and I am so happy to be back in the great state of Iowa surrounded by them. When I moved back to Iowa, I was able to purchase my own home with my puppy Bentley. For the past six months, I have been enjoying life after school with various activities including work, decorating the new house, and working with my platform.


I completed my Associate of Arts Degree at Iowa Central Community College with my studies centering on pre-medicine. Afterwards, I transferred to Northwest Missouri State University where I decided to change directions and double major in Marketing and Management. I graduated in December 2012 with my undergraduate degrees and a 4.00 GPA. I transferred into Northwest with a 4.00 as well and was one of four transfer students to be placed on a Presidential Scholarship. My family and I are very proud of this as it has left me with no loans after college. The scholarship ultimately paid almost all of my tuition in addition to a cheerleading scholarship. During undergraduate studies I was involved in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, The Collegian Newspaper, Musical, Student Senate, Cheerleading, and Track and Field at Iowa Central Community College. At Northwest Missouri State University, I was involved with Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society, American Marketing Association, Ad Ink Club, and Cheerleading. After graduation in 2012, I took a semester off to pick up an internship. I then returned to Northwest to finish my Masters of Business Administration. While going to school for my master’s I was a teaching assistant, grading for the business department as well as teaching when professors were gone. I decided to finish my last two classes online and move back home in order to pursue two jobs that I am really excited about.


I started in recruitment in Jan 2015 at UnityPoint Health Fort Dodge, recruiting physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. When first starting, I was placed over the Emergency Department, in which now I have filled two midlevel positions (with two physician assistants) and one physician. We are very excited to have these additions to the Emergency Department and I am in the process of looking for one more ER physician. I since starting have been placed over Urology and Pulmonology contacts, as well as emailing Dermatology on our recruitment sites,  so I am excited to start with these positions. My every day job is different as I am contacting recruits, conducting phone screens, and inviting potential candidates for visits. When on a visit it is my job to be a positive representation of our community, connect with the candidate, give hospital tours, give organization and contract discussions, and give community tours. Aside from this aspect of my job, we are responsible for retainment of providers and their families. I am in charge of the Provider Spouse Network in which I organize events for the families to get to know each other and have fun.


My relationship started with Iowa Central when my parents noticed an all-star cheerleading advertisement in the newspaper. I had danced my whole life, but thrill-seeking activities were my true passion. Joining the gym was when I met the coach of Iowa Central who worked under her mom at United All Stars. I absolutely adored their family and decided that when my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, I would stay at the community college and cheer instead of going to a 4 year D1A school. My mom ended up passing away in February 2008 before I ever attended school, but I still wanted to be near their family so I stayed for two years at the community college level. They talked me into going out of state for cheer and it brought me to Northwest Missouri State where I was able to win two UCA National Championship Division II Cheerleading titles in 2012 and 2013. I started my Masters and decided to return to coach at Iowa Central with my dear friend Amanda and finished my first season in May 2015 with a Small Coed National Championship at Cheer Ltd and one second place. The teams also placed 3rd and 4th in Large and Small Coed for Division 2 at NCA College Nationals. I am excited to skills coach this year again!


My platform started last June when I officially realized I was in a domestic violence situation in a relationship I was in. It took everything I had to walk away from it, lose some of my best friends, give up some of my positions in athletic activities/jobs, and the other variety of feelings you go through when you stand up for yourself facing a domestic violence situation. Society tends to generalize what a victim is supposed to look like, how they should respond, or how they should feel when something happens to them. In reality, we never know when its going to happen or who it will happen to. I sure didn’t think I would ever find myself having to choose between the life I built or the life I knew I wanted to really be living due to the relationship I had chosen to be in. This past year I have spent time standing up for my situation and sharing my story. I participated in WINGS- Women in Need of Support and am currently working toward my victim advocate certification so I can help with group therapy. I will also be helping with my local chapter, the Domestic and Sexual Assault Outreach Center with its event planning this year. It is hard to discuss all of the types of activities in detail of what I will be doing, due to HIPPA laws, however, my platform focuses on sharing what happened to me and showing others that it’s okay to stand up for yourself. I know I personally couldn’t have stood up for myself without the help of the Children and Family Center of Missouri and my personal support system. I challenge everyone to not judge a book by its cover, because any one person can commit domestic violence and it only takes one person to discredit a victim. If someone confides in you for help, believe them! You can save their life!


I never thought growing up that I would get involved with pageants. I danced from age 3 until 18 and it was a small brochure I got in the mail that changed my mind. It was from National American Miss and one of the optional competitions had a talent portion and the winner received $250. I begged my dad to enter and he said no. The very next year, I received the same brochure and he said yes. I entered my very first pageant in 2005 after being bullied through middle school. I didn’t place in the overall pageant, but I was finally able to be myself around people who’s parents weren’t judging my parents for being divorced. I met a lot of friends and I ended up winning talent. From that weekend I was hooked. I went on to compete in various systems holding the titles of National American Miss Iowa Teen 2007, Miss Iowa American Coed 2008, Miss Central Iowa US Miss 2009, Miss Iowa US Miss 2010, National All-American Miss 2010-2011, Miss Greater Des Moines 2013 MAO, Miss Iowa Nationwide 2015, and now Miss Nationwide 2015. While I have been blessed with multiple titles throughout my years of pageantry, there were times I did not win the overall title. I have placed as a runner-up multiple times including 2nd RU at Miss Iowa MAO and 1st RU at America’s US Miss. Even though I was close to prestigious titles, I look at these places as representations of how far I had come because of pageantry. If someone told me as a child that  I would get 2nd RU to Miss Iowa and hold two national Miss titles in my lifetime, I never would have believed them. I was shy and I was not confident. In fact, it took me 4 years of pageantry to get up enough courage to stand in front of my class to give a speech just to be on school senate. Pageantry is not about who wins. It’s not about who is prettier, has more expensive clothing, or who was the best coached. It is about becoming a better version of you. Throughout my 10 years, I have met friends from all over the United States and gained skills I never would have, had I not entered that very first pageant. Every opportunity is a gift, so my advice on pageantry and if you decide to enter this system is to cherish every single moment. God created these moments for a reason and blessed you with the opportunities in front of you.














2015 Royal Court

 Miss Nationwide 2015:  Katie Kenny, Iowa
1st Runner Up:  Lauren Baranowski, Florida
2nd Runner Up:  Ellen Dahlquist, Minnesota
3rd Runner Up:  Kennedy Schaefer, Nebraska

4th Runner Up:  Abigayle Goodwin, Alabama


People’s Choice Winner:  Sierah Guajardo, Texas
Miss Congeniality:  Stephanie Glover-Sawyer, California


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