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  • Click on Document
  • After it opens, save it to your computer
  • Open PDF Document from your saved location
  • Click on each field to fill in the editable PDF document
  • Resave to your desktop as PDF with new document name


Paperwork InstructionsPlease download first

1-MissMiss Nationwide State Application Fill In Form

1-MrsMrs Nationwide State Application Fill In Form

1-MsMs Nationwide State Application Fill In Form

2:  ALL Contestants: Medical Security Consent Fill In Form

3:  ALL Contestants: Scholarship Rules Regulations Fill In Form

Contestant Contract – State Pageant – sample   (Final Contract will be sent once Contestant Application is approved)


  • Email completed documents to
  • After documents are submitted, and you are notified of approval. . . you may then visit the Payment Portal to make your State Fee payment


Click the $ circle to the left to access the Payment Portal

State Sponsorship Fee $285  (includes State Crown & Sash due immediately & paid directly to the National Office)
National Sponsorship Fee  $300  (due within 2 months of receiving title)
National Program Book – Titleholder Spotlight (2 Page Ad & Design Fee) $185 (due no later than December 1st)
National Program Book – Full Page Ad Sale $150
 CONTESTANT DOES NOT PAY THISONLY SELLS THE AD  (due no later than December 1st)
Crown Case  $55  (Optional) – NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY

………………………………………..(Shipping fees are additional)