Areas of Competition


INTERVIEW (30%) – Youth & Senior Divisions

Nationwide titleholders will literally be the voices of the Nationwide pageant system. Nationwide titleholders needs to be  achievers; driven and goal-oriented women who, through their own personal accomplishments, interests and passions, can serve as role models to other women across the nation and promote the Nationwide program in a positive manner.

Contestants will be individually interviewed in front of a panel of 5 judges for 10 minutes. During the interview, contestants will present their Platform Presentation (see separate category description below) Questions will be based on the contestant’s interests, knowledge and opinions of current events as well as each contestant’s personal biography/resume sheet. Judge’s will look for academic, personal and professional achievements, commitment to self-improvement and community service during the interview competition.

Judging Criteria: Personality, poise, passion, communication skills, ability to engage, articulation, charisma, confidence and overall style & presentation

PERSONAL INTRODUCTION (10%) – Youth Division only

ON STAGE PLATFORM STATEMENT (30%) – Senior Divisions only

Nationwide titleholders need to have something to say. They need to be passionate about the world around them and must be able to express themselves. Each contestant will choose an issue that she feels strongly about and create her Personal Platform around this issue. Contestants will present a 90 second onstage platform statement. Why did she choose it? Why is it relevant?  What will she do with it?  While it should be something the contestant feels strongly about, it should also be an issue that will interest and be relevant to others at a national level.

During their interview, each contestant will present a 3-5 minute Platform Presentation to the judges. This presentation will set the stage for the judges to inquire further about her Platform during her interview. Her presentation provides each contestant a separate opportunity to address her personal platform, her work toward her platform and other important details in regard to her personal platform. The presentation can take the form of a power point presentation, handouts, a short speech, activities – anything the contestant feels will help convey her work on her Platform over the year of service.

Judging Criteria:

  • Personal Introduction – 10%:  Articulation, grammar, delivery
  • On Stage Platform Statement – 10%:   Clarity of thoughts and opinions, articulation, passion for issue, grammar, personal expression
  • Interview Platform Presentation – 20%:  Clarity of thoughts and opinions, articulation, passion for issue, delivery, originality of presentation


Official Nationwide 2015 Video of Platform Statement Competition

PERSONAL STYLE & EXPRESSION – Youth 25%  &  Senior 15%

The Personal Style & Expression competition is one that is unique to the Nationwide Pageant system! A competition which allows the contestant to showcase her personal style and sense of fashion. Contestants are encouraged to think “New York runway” as she prepares her wardrobe. Outfits should best represent the contestants personality, sense of style and fashion, and uniqueness.


Judging Criteria: Modeling, confidence, style, stage presence, overall style & presentation, and personal expression


Official Nationwide 2015 Video of Personal Style & Expression Competition

ELEGANCE in EVENING WEAR – Youth 25%  &  Senior 15%

Evening Wear ~ the most elegant and glamorous part of the Nationwide Pageants.  Each contestant will model their choice of formal evening wear.  The evening wear should reflect the contestant’s personal style, while the color & choice should flatter and highlight her physical features.  During the Elegance in Evening Wear competition, each contestant should project an image of beauty, style, and elegance expected of a national titleholder.


Judging Criteria: Beauty, grace, charisma, stage presence, modeling, overall style & presentation


Official Nationwide 2015 Video Evening Wear Competition

ON STAGE INTERVIEW (10%) – Youth & Senior Divisions

Each contestant will be asked two on stage questions regarding her personal platform topic. Nationwide titleholders needs to be able to think on her feet as she meets supporters across the Nation. The On Stage Interview competition will provide the judges an opportunity to witness each contestant’s ability to provide concise, thoughtful, spur of the moment answers when the spotlight is on them.

Judging CriteriaClarity of thoughts, formulation of opinions, articulation, clarity and conciseness, grammar, personal expression

PEOPLE’S CHOICE  (Internet Vote – National Competition only)

Our contestants will take part in an public vote in the weeks leading up, and at the National Pageant.

Internet voting will be available for the public who visit our website and view the contestant’s personal page. People’s Choice voting will consist of $1 per vote. The contestant who has the most votes, 100% of her money raised from the People’s Choice balloting will be donated to her personal platform charity. The contestant with the highest People’s Choice vote will become Nationwide’s People Choice winner.


STATE COSTUME  (National Competition only) – Youth & Senior Divisions

Our Nation is only as good as the individual states which make it up. The Nationwide Pageant is also only as good as the individual contestants representing each state. During the introduction of contestants, each contestant will present herself in a costume that best represents her state. Nationwide Foundation will present a special award for the State Costume judged the best.

Judging Criteria: Creativity, costume design, stage presence, poise, and overall style & presentation